ALUFORM factory is a private partnership with Polish capital.

We have more years of experience in construction of moulds for foamed polystyrene cast profiles, EPS foaming polystyrene and EPP foaming polypropylene and in forming by metal machine cutting.

Our moulds are used for manufacturing foamed polystyrene packaging for the largest electronics concerns such as Philips, Thomson, Sony, LG, Daewoo, Samsung, JVC, Hitachi, Schneider, and household appliances manufacturers such as AMICA, ARISTON, INDESIT, FAGOR, ELECTROLUX, WHIRPOOL, BOSCH.

We also co-operate with the car, construction and food industries.
We co-operate with the leading manufacturers of foamed polystyrene packaging in Poland and abroad. These include: KNAUF, HSV, STYROPOL, BORYSZEW,LOCUM, YETICO,SCHAUMAPLAST.

Our company applies state-of-the-art technologies in manufacturing which enable us to manufacture high quality products and shorten the mould manufacturing process.